Everyone Can Make a Difference---

Be Our Hero

"We believe in the power of people and the change they can make Become a volunteer with AREMD-Cameroon today and you too can contribute to a cause that matters."

Why Volunteer?

"Because every little contribution counts. Volunteering helps you make new friends, upside your skills, and in the best kind of reciprocation, it helps you feel good." "At AREMD-Cameroon, you're not just a volunteer. You're a changemaker."

How To Get Involved

"To join our journey towards making a difference, reach out to us. It's as simple as a click. We welcome everyone, irrespective of the time you can give or the skills you have. A will to contribute and make a difference is all it takes to get started."

Our Impact

In the heart of AREMD-Cameroon, the change we inspire is not only visible - it can be felt and experienced


-What skills do I need to volunteer?

Any and everyone is welcome. It’s the will to make a difference that matters the most.

-How much time do I have to commit?

There’s no specific time commitment. You can volunteer as per your availability.

-Can I propose a project for AREMD-Cameroon to take up?

Yes, we are always open to new ideas and projects. Reach out to us with your proposal.

Is there any age limit?

All adults are eligible to apply worldwide.

Got questions about volunteering with AREMD-Cameroon? Reach out to us! We’re always available to help.