About Us

About Us

AREMD Cameroon is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Cameroon that focuses on environmental sustainability, climate change, and natural resource management with the aim of promoting sustainable development through community engagement, education, and advocacy. AREMD-Cameroon’s work is focused on several key areas, including:

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: AREMD-Cameroon works with communities to develop and implement strategies to adapt to the impacts of climate change, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainable Agriculture: The organization promotes sustainable agricultural practices that enhance food security, reduce poverty, and promote sustainable land use.

Biodiversity Conservation: Earth Care Ghana works to conserve Ghana’s unique biodiversity by promoting sustainable natural resource management and protecting threatened species and habitats.

Renewable Energy: The organization promotes the adoption of renewable energy technologies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and increase energy access in rural communities.