World Environmental Day 2021

Ecosystems have faced a lot pressure from human beings with the bid to upgrade their lifestyles not realizing that the real deal is in ecosystem conservation and restoration. It is possible to restore ecosystems, yes, it is, if we join hands together as a community and as a nation.

The rise of unemployment rate in Cameroon and Africa at large has found many people resorting to livelihoods like brick mounding, sand mining, artisanal gold mining and firewood harvesting. All these have led to massive land degradation leaving a huge unbearable scar on the environment. Action must be taken to make sure citizens act responsibly knowing that Earth is our common home and the next generation should enjoy the same ecosystem services as well. The first step to ecological restoration is environmental education, raising awareness about its importance and the available alternatives that save the nature. If people are educated about the importance of ecosystem and its services, lifestyles change for the better leading to a reduced ecological footprint. A lot of eco-rehabilitation is needed in order to restore degraded areas.

Every day is an environmental day, every day is a tree planting day and every day is another chance to restore our ecosystems. There is nothing like a minute action in nature conservation. Those little actions count, for instance waste separation in our homes is a significant step towards ecosystem restoration. The moment we treat plastics, glasses and metals as toxic to nature is the very moment we stop tossing around litter, hence keeping a clean environment and maintaining a clear drainage system.

Earth is our home and no one is going to come and do it for us!!! Let us restore and maintain our ecosystems