COVID-19, the novel virus that was first reported late 2019 has reaped havoc globally, a virus that attacks one’s respiratory system by entering through the nose. This virus has spread throughout the globe like wildfire and has led to over a million reported cases in just a couple of months. Though we have had cases whereby people have died, it is safe to say that several thousands have recovered.
Due to this, governments have been forced to make drastic decisions, such as ordering the lockdown of whole countries this, disturbing a lot of companies, travels and of course schooling. Cameroon is no exception. Quarantining hasn’t been the best of experience for most of us, it feels like living in a bubble where there is no way in or out of that place, but if you really put your mind to why you are doing this, it doesn’t sound half as bad. Think about it, it feels so much safer in your own home than to be out there where you don’t know who has the virus and who doesn’t. The need to stay home at this time (during the coronavirus outbreak) is keep the virus from spreading. If you think you don’t have a huge role to play in how the coronavirus outbreak can spread, think again. You have the potential to make this pandemic so much worse. You could easily come across a person with the virus when you go out of your house, it can easily catch on to you unnoticed, you meet another person and pass it on to them and them to another person, now you can see how this is already making a big circle of sick people- this virus could only show after fourteen days but you are still able to pass it on even without any of the symptoms showing, whereas you could have easily avoided this by STAYING HOME. Whether we like it or not we simply have to abide by staying home rule.
Like they say “there is no place like home”.
What is it like living in a bubble? Well, for me I would say so far it has been compelling, the thought of apprehending yourself more nowadays with technology we no longer have the time to just sit and have a break from our devices and think through, find ourselves, that element has, of course, left the bulk of us.