Africa Day marks the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 , now known as the African Union. Each year we are given an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and achievements of the Governments and peoples of Africa. We need to take this time to unite as one Africa and build a better continent and a better, safer and a prosperous world for us and future generations. Sustainable development, anchored on environmental, economic and social just remains key to our prosperity.
The natural environment though mining, agriculture, forestry and tourism remain Africa’s biggest contributor to our GDPs yet each year the same resources are over exploited to benefit a few elite leaving the rest in abject poverty.  The very same natural resources that are in abundance, enough to be shared equally, have become a source of conflict as injustices exist in profit sharing.  Each year the continent sinks more into poverty with high unemployment rates, food insecurity, Ill equipped medical facilities and heavily deforested landscapes.

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